Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Trevor Creed passed over March 11th, 2015 - back to Source

Your positive memories of Trevor Desmond Creed (1942-2015), (Healer, Relative, and Friend to so many) are always appreciated. Along with Nita (1945-2013), Trevor Creed's healing effect is deeper and wider reaching than many know..... if you have a memory or a thought about this, please do write it to us here.

Andrew and Alexis and families

PS. There is a service to celebrate his life at the Eastern Park Chapel, 60 Verdon Street, Warrnambool on Wednesday March 18, commencing at 2pm. You are welcome.


  1. Dear Alexis and Andrew
    Our love and prayers to you and your families at the sad passing of your dad. He was a wonderful man, gentle soul, larger than life. We have been attending Trevor since he was a chiropractor & followed him when he started his journey with Chiron Healing. We are so thankful to you Trevor for all your caring, guidance, knowledge & healing over all these years. You are already greatly missed. What a wonderful entourage you will have waiting for you. Give them all our love. Until we meet again. Love & peace. Julie, Ross, Ben & Matt. Xxx. (Olive's daughter)

  2. Our family will miss you Trevor. You have been a part of our lives for more than 30 years. And through some of the most difficult times in our lives.
    Where would we be today if we had not had your help with the Chiron healing to save us.
    We have admired your dedication and commitment to your work, Chiron Healing, and have experienced your love and caring through it.
    We aspire to live through your examples of Chiron principles, obviously caring for others.
    We feel very sad today, but know that you needed to move on. You did not deserve to suffer on this earth.
    Our love to Alexis and family, and Andrew and family.
    Thank you for all your love and caring.
    Love Lee and Karen, Olive & Frank, Julie and the Scott family.


  3. Thank you Trevor, for everything that you've taught us about Chiron healing and life. The lessons have been invaluable and your compassion and support has kept us going . Love Lee and Olive Thistlewaite.

  4. Trevor – you worked with 16,000 individuals during your long career! What an achievement! You were a Master Healer and lived your life ‘caring for others’. Thank you for being my healer, teacher and friend, and for all you have done for me and my family. I will always treasure the time and information we have shared over the years. I greatly admired and respected you. You enriched my life so much. You will be so sadly missed and forever in my heart. Deepest sympathy to Andrew and Alexis and their families. Love and light, Rhonda

  5. Andrew and Alexis and families,
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. He was such a kind and caring man with an amazing talent to heal. I can't believe how quickly the thirty years that he was helping me have passed. He is sadly missed but is now at peace and is with Nita.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful father with us all. He certainly enriched my life more than I will ever be able to share.
    Much love, Kathryn Esh

  6. It is with great sadness we acknowledge the passing of Trevor - a man very worthy of our admiration.
    Trevor has contributed greatly to my physical, mental and emotional well being for the past 40 years, initially as our family chiropractor and later with his Chiron Healing.
    Thirty-seven years ago Trevor treated me with Chiropractic care during my third pregnancy.He explained that if my body was aligned properly the birth process would be easier. True to his word I was astounded, almost confused at how smoothly and rapidly my body progressed through the various stages of the birth process. Analgesics weren’t required. When the Doctor arrived he was puzzled and asked if I had had the baby. I told him I was waiting for him and with the next contraction he delivered my third daughter. Gratitude to Dr Trevor Creed for his Chiropractic care was included in our birth notice. It cemented our faith in Trevor’s work, ability and in his word. A faith that was proved well-founded in all the years that followed. We followed and embraced his transition to Chiron Healing. Through his work we came to know and have high regard for the members of his family.
    Nita’s dedication for walking made her a familiar sight around town, and even a glimpse of her instilled a sense of happiness - a sense of ‘all is right in the world’. She had a presence that conveyed a sense of calm and well-being that radiated out to those who saw her. Often the highlight of a shopping trip would be an encounter with Nita, and a friendly chat to exchange updates on family news.
    Both Trevor and Nita will be sadly missed.
    Deepest sympathy to Andrew and Alexis, Janet, Peter, Etham, Gemma, Dominic and Joseph.
    Diane Lucas and family

  7. Andrew and Alexis,
    I am saddened by your loss.

    Trevor changed the direction of my life and hence changed my life about 30 years ago.
    His and Jan's work gave me a structure to work through that has served me and the thousands I have worked with over the years - immeasurably. Along with other practitioners who have been directly influenced by their knowledge and wisdom - the benefits and effects have spread far and wide.
    I still remember Nola [who returned to source at age 73 - 8 years ago] and I sleeping on the bluestone (?) clinic floor on a mattress of December 1984 or 1985 ( not sure which) for about 3 days so that we could 'hang-out' with them and learn and witness their expertise.
    Many times I have 'told my story' when patients have asked ' where did this work originate?' and I get to give them the Trevor and Jan story.

    I am very grateful.

    It is a loss that his grandkids won't get to hang out with him (in the physical) anymore and deepen their relationship with a master.

    Thank you trevor.

    Stephen Savage Qld.

  8. Monika Dittrich and Edie Humphries16 March 2015 at 03:59

    Trevor D Creed
    Magna Cum Laude

    I honour your journey
    I honour your passage
    Your truth and your light.

    I thought that you would always
    be here for me..
    Like the water I drink
    The air that I breathe...

    You inspired me to give
    Beyond my giving.

    Ever has it been that love
    Knows not its own depth
    Until the hour of separation.

    God bless you Trevor
    And all of Chiron family


Your positive memories of Trevor Desmond Creed (1942-2015), (Healer, Relative, and Friend to so many) are always appreciated. Along with Nita (1945-2013), Trevor Creed's healing effect is deeper and wider reaching than many know..... if you have a memory or a thought about this, please do write it to us here.

Andrew and Alexis and families